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Drafting: Pres and Prelim Design


Presentation and Preliminary Design

Drafting: Const Docs 1


Construction Documents - 1

Some samples of a Coversheet, Site, and Architectural drawings.

Drafting: Const Docs 2


Construction Documents - 2

Some samples of Structural, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, and Communication drawings.

Is it time for you to build that dream house? For most people, their house is the largest investment that they will ever make. For that reason alone, it only makes sense that an adequate amount of time be spent in the design stage of the project in order for the client to be truly happy with his or her investment once the project is complete.

SRB Ventures believes that it is extremely important to pay attention to the details of not only the individual parts, but also to how those individual parts mesh with the entire project as a whole. Too often, we see designs in which things such as the locations of windows in elevation and the configuration of the roofs are obviously treated as an afterthought rather than part of the overall design. The floor plan may be "perfect", but you also want to consider how the "parts" that make up that plan will affect what the building looks like as a 3d object.

SRB Ventures also believes that a client will often be happier with a "well-designed" house that is smaller in size, than he will be with a larger house that has been "slapped" together in the design stage. We have had the opportunity to tour some of those huge million and half-million dollar houses which were obviously "big", but in reality, some were quite inefficient in the use of space and sometimes not even that interesting in design. We think that the client would not only be happier with a design which works well, but also with the money that is being saved by not wasting it on inefficiency.

SRB Ventures specializes in doing "Builders Sets" of plans, in which most of the critical information for building the house is on the floor plan. Elevations of all four sides and a roof plan are drawn with a relatively low amount of detail and are used primarily to show the overall concept of the design. We prefer to allow the contractor or builder to work with the owner concerning the specifics of things such as the choices of materials, colors, etc., since those are the things that quite often are changed during the construction process, anyway. This also allows the contractor to do what he does best. He will be more familiar with current materials and methods of construction, since THAT is what he does every day. We try to think of the "builder" when developing our designs. This means that we always try to design such that the construction is as "straight-forward" as possible, keeping the "complexity" to a minimum. A nicely designed house does not have to be "complex" or "hard-to-build" for it to be interesting.

If you are interested in having SRB Ventures work with you in developing your dream house plans, please send us an email to the address above so that a time can be set up to discuss the project and pricing.

House Plan Prelim Design

House Plan Preliminary Design

House Plan Samples

Custom House Plan Samples

Some low resolution samples of a few of our house plans.

SRB Ventures also does contract drafting. If you are an architect, designer, contractor, or anyone that is merely looking for someone to draft YOUR project, please send us an email to the address above.

We pride ourselves as being "perfectionists" in the quality of the drawings that we produce. We have had experience in drawing most parts of a project, including preliminary designs, presentations, and construction documents (all architectural, some structural, most p-m-e drawings, and marketing materials). We have had experience working on projects ranging from the very smallest room additions to multi-million dollar developments.

Please follow the links below for some low resolution drafting samples of work that was completed while employed at various architectural firms.

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